About Us

How It Started😊

"Fungac" was started with the idea of developing organic supplements, that are vegan by design. Mother nature has gifted us with various herbs, shrubs and fruits which have great medicinal qualities, that can cure all our illnesses.

Fungac wants to explore the possibilities of finding the cure for diseases, with the help of natural products, thereby improving the overall health and well being of mankind.

Meet The Founder & CEO, Mary Truong

Mary is an adept learner and has educated herself on diet, lifestyle, traditional wisdom and spirit. She is a single mother and is blessed with two beautiful boys. With them growing up now she has time on her hands and she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.
She is a highly motivated individual and the source of that motivation comes from her own learning disability and mental health illness. But she did not give up on herself or her dreams at any point in time and wanted to find something to improve the condition in the most natural way, using the resources mother nature has gifted us with.
She truly believed in the power of mushrooms and Gac fruit for medicinal purpose to improve overall health and well being of mankind.
Mary has a lot of compassion for people and want to work for their overall health and well being the best natural way possible. 


A Dream Come True!

Mary wanted to develop products which are 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% vegan too, as she loves animals. The seeds of the formula were laid down by Mary and later she worked with Mr. Quonqiang Zhang and his team to create the final formula.

It consists of mushrooms, herbs, vitamins, minerals and adaptogens in powdered and extracts form. She has used and tested the super-food recipe herself and has enjoyed the various health benefits of the same. Also, when her mother’s health was declining, her mother started consuming a mushroom variety, Chaga, which has restored her health and she has never been sick since then.

Mary wanted to share her and her family’s positive experiences of the formula with the people, who require it, to enjoy overall health and well-being and live a longer healthier happier life.

All the products have functional benefits. Fungac believes in deep rooted research to bring out the best in their products. It is working in collaboration with scientists and bio-chemists from China, where extensive research is being done on the Reishi mushroom under the guidance of their lead scientist Dr. Lin Zhi Bin.

Their highly motivated team of well-trained alchemists are also equally excited and passionate about the high-quality products they make and would love to reach millions of people and welcome them to the Fungac Family.