Vitality Detailed Product Information

Fungac Best Energy Vitality Supplements


Vitality-Energy is an energy-boosting combo of potent mushrooms and Gac fruit extract that support physical performance, improve energy reservoirs, and assists vital physiological functions. It significantly helps exhaustion, muscles recovery, early fatigue and promotes optimal life quality and vitality. Moreover, regular consumption of Vitality-Energy by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. helps daily life activities, relieves mental fatigue, and enhances work productivity. Additionally, it protects cellular integrity, promotes mitochondrial function, and increases ATP production, which helps physical endurance and delays muscle fatigue. It is important to know that qualified experts processed the Vitality-Energy formulation in a well-certified facility following GMP guidelines. The end product is highly beneficial for both men and women. Additionally, the final formulation is packed with Black Pepper Extract for maximum absorption and protection in the gastrointestinal tract.

Features of Vitality-Energy by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. 

  • USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
  • No-Risk of Side Effects
  • Free from Synthetic Chemicals
  • Support Physical Performance
  • Improve Vital Functions
  • Promote Energy Production
  • Help Vitality and Longevity
  • Aid Muscles Recovery Process
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free
  • Premium Adaptogens at Cheap Price

How does Vitality-Energy formula Work?

The potent mushrooms combined with GAC fruit extract modulate metabolism, preserve cellular integrity, improve mitochondrial function and increase energy production that supports daily activities and enhance physical performance. Moreover, it helps the body in optimal consumption of oxygen, clearance of lactic acid, and muscle recovery processes that further aid performance, endurance, and stamina. Additionally, Vitality-Energy helps ventilator threshold and glucose reuptake for energy production that maximizes physical endurance. 

Health Benefits of Vitality-Energy

Support Physical Performance

The Adaptogenic mushrooms in the Vitality-Energy formulation increase mitochondrial activity, enhance energy production and support physical performance for maximum productivity. Moreover, it improves blood flow to vital organs and boosts oxygen utilization that potentiates aerobic performance. Additionally, Vitality-Energy delays muscle exhaustion, aids the recovery process and enhances physical endurance and stamina.

Improve Vitality and Longevity

Regular consumption of Vitality-Energy removes reactive species, protects cellular integrity, and prevents vital organs damage. Further, it assists blood flow to vital organs and promotes optimal functioning, which improves vitality and helps longevity. Also, the Vitality-Energy formula by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. decreases lactic acid production, delays fatigue, and increases lactate clearance that helps muscles function and extends working capability. 

Note, please read the Vitality-Energy label for suggested dose and precautionary measures.