Skin Detailed Product Information

Fungac Skin Beauty Supplement


Skin-Beauty is a natural and effective formulation for healthy skin appearance and optimal skin tone. The presence of potent mushrooms combined with other essential supplements preserves skin integrity, prevents skin cells damage, and enhances younger skin appearance. Moreover, it positively modulates the expression of an anti-aging component, SIRT1, which increases skin cells survival, reduces skin damage, and delays skin aging. Thus, optimal consumption of Skin-Beauty by FUNGAC essentials Inc. protects skin against oxidative damage and ultraviolet rays that keep the skin vibrant, healthy, and younger. It is important to know that experts processed the highly potent supplements in a well-certified facility following GMP guidelines. This miracle skin product by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. is effective for both men and women. Additionally, the final formulation is packed with Black Pepper Extract for maximum absorption and protection in the gastrointestinal tract.

Features of SKIN-BEAUTY by FUNGAC Essentials Inc.

  • USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
  • No Risk of Adverse Events
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free
  • Free from Synthetic Chemicals
  • Improve Skin Appearance
  • Promote Skin Health and Wellness
  • Prevent Skin Damage
  • Delay Skin Aging
  • Effective for both Men and Women
  • Quality Supplements at Cheap Price

Skin Benefits of SKIN-BEAUTY by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. 

Promote Skin Health

The Skin-Beauty composition provides potent antioxidant properties that protect skin from harmful toxins, chemicals, and reactive species. As a result, it significantly preserves optimal skin integrity and growth that promote maximum skin health and wellness. 

Prevent Skin Damage

The presence of potent skin-protective supplements in the Skin-Beauty formula helps the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays and supports regeneration of endogenous collagen. That ultimately preserve skin structure, improve skin tone, and increase younger skin appearance.

Delay Skin Aging

Regular consumption of Skin-Beauty by FUNGAC Essentials Inc. delivers an adequate amount of Tremella fuciformis extract that helps regulate the expression of anti-aging Sirtuin Proteins. As a result, it promotes a younger skin appearance, prevents skin damage, and delays skin aging.

Note, please read the Skin-Beauty label for the suggested dose and precautionary measures.